Design Management Consulting

Design* is a management consulting company that has been built off of our observations and reflections through working, conversing, and studying the nexus of business and design.

We chose to call the the company Design* as “design” is the sum of all activities, both large and small, that create successful businesses, engagements, experiences, and connections to communities, environments, and world economies. Our position on design is that all participants are equal in providing successful outcomes through the ways that they think about, experience, and problem solve.

We might argue that all of our experiences fundamentally come down to issues of design. During the course of our careers, we are also discovering new opportunities for design and striving to deeply understand the identities, roles and responsibilities of those that “design”.

Our posts on Design* call out the important subject matters, explore contexts and capture the marginalia of design perspectives and experiences in a way that can be both serious and fun.