Design*works with businesses to tap into their own creative intelligence. 

Transforming your organisation into a customer-centred business requires a host of skills which are common to design. However, taking advantage of these skills relies on creating an environment where design can "stick".

Our mission at Design* is to both mentor and nurture organisations, teams, and individuals on their journey to becoming more customer-centred, innovative, and valued through the philosophy of design.

Design* works with our clients to discover customer insights, integrate positive cultural change, instill critical thinking skills, innovate, improve facilitation techniques, actively use concept development and prototyping, and to develop robust business strategies.

We're keen to work with you in creating your unique design culture. 





Whether your organisation or team requires strategy, culture change, or customer experience skills, we can help you understand what approach and which problems are best to solve–for both now and in your future.


Sometimes all that's needed is help in developing additional approaches to problem solving–whether they be for business growth, managing teams, understanding customers, or personal development.



Eventually every business reaches a point where they need to develop skills that are outside of their core capabilities. This is true for design skills as well. For more complex situations, we can help embed design within your organisation.